CBC supporting GE fish?

Did anyone hear CBC reporter Bob McDonald on the CBC this morning talking in favour of GMOs, saying they are safe, will feed the world, and supporting GE fish? If you did, please leave a comment with what McDonald said and what you think about it.


5 responses to “CBC supporting GE fish?

  1. I didn’t hear the news report, but I know that this is very very bad news! G.E. fish is a NO NO! This has to be stopped, We must demand that our salmon is left alone!

  2. I take a very dim view of CBC reporter Bob McDonald allegedly talking in favour of GMOs, “saying they are safe, will feed the world, and supporting GE fish.” I didn’t hear the broadcast myself and am grateful for being told about this. Unfortunately, this confirms what I felt all along–that CBC cannot be trusted on a number of issues to promote the interests and well-being of Canadians.

  3. Bruce Van Tassell

    The man is an idiot or paid off by the industry. There is absolutely no facts to support GMO ANYTHING IT IS A LIE AND CBC SHOULD BE GIVING AN APOLOGY to all Canadians.

  4. He lies. He is paid to say this. I hope all canadians are tying up the telephone lines complaining about this .

  5. GM salmon Frankenfish (comic)

    (NaturalNews) It’s that time of year again, when the FDA gathers its experts to decide what new horror to unleash into the food supply. This year it’s genetically modified salmon, a “frankenfish” pumped up with extra growth hormone genes that make it rapidly grow into a kind of super-Schwarzenegger creature that’s triple the size of a regular salmon.

    And you’re supposed to eat this, by the way. In fact, the FDA will almost certainly allow this to be sold without any warning labels, so now when you buy salmon at the store, you’ll have no way to tell whether it’s normal salmon or frankenfish GM salmon.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/029769_GM_salmon_frankenfish.html#ixzz1cTfvojMk

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