Raw milk

Not a GMO issue, but an important area nonetheless which is why we are posting it:

“The right to buy food direct from a farmer is as old as our country. Yet, today, that right is being taken away from Canadians by a government that insists that only corporate Canada be responsible for feeding our citizens.”                                                 -Michael Schmidt

Micheal Schmidt, a farmer in Ontario,  is now on his third week of a hunger strike to support our right in Canada to choose the food we consume.  He, like many of us, believe that food freedom is a fundamental right!

Raw milk is legal to sell in every G8 country except Canada as they have a second set of dairy production standards of sufficiently high caliber to ensure the raw milk comes from healthy animals and is safe to consume.  Pasteurization was instituted in the 1900s to combat various diseases caused by the unsanitary production of milk. How can the milk be safe to drink if the cows are sick, covered in manure, and fed anything but their natural diet of grass? Pasteurization is indeed necessary for unhealthy animals. However, milk from healthy animals can be consumed in its natural state as it has been done for millenia.  We endorse an environment where the animals are well-taken care of which not only results in safer milk, but also decreases the environmental degradation so often associated with mass-industrialized farming.

Please help us in our fight:

1) Sign the petition:

2) Forward emails and phone messages to Premier McGinty to ask him to meet with Micheal:

We’ve been writing (please feel free to copy and paste this):
“Premier McGuinty. I respectfully ask you to meet with Michael Schmidt as soon as possible and engage a dialogue on the issues of the right of Canadian citizens to decide what food they eat. Michael is on the 19th day of his hunger strike today. This is a very urgent matter. I thank you for your consideration”

3) Write to local and provincial representatives.

4) Share this information with others.

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