Join the Society for a GE Free BC

C’mon guys, join up, put your money where your mouse is.

We are 100% voluntary so if you don’t join up, we can’t campaign.

Click on the little piggie to the right of the screen where it says subscribe to GE Free BC today.

This will take you to a subscription form you can print out and mail off – with your cheque of course.

We are working on an electronic donation button!


2 responses to “Join the Society for a GE Free BC

  1. hi. couldn’t get the link to join working. interested in what your doing.
    i have a whole foods plant based diet and think it’s the way to make the greatest impact on our environment so protecting our food source is paramount.
    cheers, Robert

    • Thanks Robert, you can join up via the donate button on the right side of the home page, please let us know if it doesn’t work, and thanks very much for your support.

      GE Free BC

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