Horses and GE Alfalfa: A Bad Deal For Equines

April: There are lots of reasons why I’m against the planting of GE Alfalfa, but being a horse owner I’m especially against this crop. So I put together a brochure “Genetically Modified Alfalfa And Your Horse”: The hard facts behind why this is just a bad deal for equines.

Please download and distribute among feed dealers. Many of them are not aware of the issue. Please take this to them and educate them, but most of all, let them know you will not be buying it when it’s harvested this fall. At least don’t buy US alfalfa: we don’t have GE alfalfa in Canada, yet.

You can get the downloads here: PDF of Horse brochure

Thanks everyone, and keep printing and handing out ALL our brochures! Thank you for the support – spread it around! And as always, you can email me at: aprilreeves at shaw dot ca

2 responses to “Horses and GE Alfalfa: A Bad Deal For Equines

  1. Patricia Kahler

    I had no Idea of quite how many products were being produced with GM crops! There could be genetic mutations everywhere before we know it! If I still had my mare she shure as hell wouldnt be eating any of this crap! Organic crops offer so much more than just being a money spinner! They help to maintaine Biodiversity that is Necessary for the survival of All SPECIES! We are all connected and all dependent on this planet that Sustains us! Why Take Chances on our Future! GMO’S Just dont make any common sense! Just say no to GMO! Luv and Peace Trishwildfire

    • Thanks Trish! It really is insane how many GM commodity crops we have, and what is up for approval in 2011 and 2012. The GE Alfalfa is extremely important: if we let this in, there will be a flood of GM plants/crops/animals within the next 18 months that may make it impossible to go back. This is “do or die” year for me: I work hard to bring this to light and thank you for sharing it as well. I see a lot of different horses in a day. I’m shocked at the diseases they have compared to even 10 years ago. I’m aware the vaccines are a large part of the problem, but GM may well be what “breaks the camels back”, so to speak. Let’s hope it’s not so. Will keep everyone posted on further events. Until then, keep handing the brochures out and educate people. It is our best chance for change – if we won’t buy it, they won’t grow it. That’s the way of the farmer.

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