Kelowna protests GMO foods and crops

April: Many thanks to Global Media for getting this out: Heidi Osterman, a Kelowna Nutritionist, came to Vancouver in the early spring to our big GMO Workshop and got very inspired. She educated herself on the perils of GMO and is now educating others to understand what they eat and why they should care. I am thrilled at the number of protesters that showed up to this rally: people are waking up and getting the message. Thanks Heidi, you go girl!! And thanks to NDP’s Alex Atamanenko for bringing Bill C-474 forward: let’s all get together and support this bill for Canada!

Photo and original article link.

Protesters battling against government support for genetically modified foods gathered in downtown Kelowna for a rally Sunday afternoon.

About 150 people descended on the Sails to draw attention to Private Member’s Bill C-474, which is currently in front of Parliament.

The bill calls for greater regulation of genetically modified foods through labelling and third-party testing.

The proposal would also add a review of the potential harm GMO seeds and the crops they produce in Canada would have on markets worldwide.

Protesters say they are very concerned about the effects of genetically modified foods on the health of their loved ones.

“I’ve got a young family, three boys and a daughter,” one woman said. “I want to know what they are eating is real food, and I want the people that are supplying that food to be honest with it.”

“Through technology known as gene splicing, scientists are creating new plants and animals,” said rally organizer Heidi Osterman. “And without asking the Canadian public, the Liberal and Conservative governments have used taxpayer’s money to make irreversible changes in our food supply.”

Protesters lined up to sign a petition in support of the Canadian food supply.

Last month, 3,000 signatures from the Okanagan were delivered to Members of Parliament Ron Cannan and Stockwell Day.

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