Are the Dinosaurs moving towards extinction?

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Monsanto’s Tough Week: Now It’s Birth Defects

By Tiernan Ray

Tough week for Monsanto (MON). Tuesday, word went around that the company’s “SmartStax” seeds were yielding less in Iowa’s corn harvest than expected. That prompted analysts, including Goldman Sachs, to cut their price targets on the stock.

Today, it’s the rumor that the company’s herbicide, “Roundup,” could be causing birth defects, based on a study released by researchers in Argentina, and published in the August issue of the academic journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

The study itself focuses broadly on herbicides containing glyphosate, but F. William Engdahl over at Global Research lays out the explicit connection to Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide, writing:

Widespread reports of human malformations began to be reported in Argentina beginning 2002, two years after widespread aerial spraying of Roundup and planting of [Roundup Ready] Soybeans was begun. The test animals used by Carrascoís group share similar developmental mechanisms with humans. The authors concluded that the results ìraise concerns about the clinical findings from human offspring in populations exposed to Roundup in agricultural fields.î Carrasco added, ìThe toxicity classification of glyphosate is too low. In some cases this can be a powerful poison.î

(April: Let’s not fail to realize the crops/plants themselves contain pesticides within every living cell on the plant. Studies need to be done on this as well?)

Monsanto shares today ended down 9 cents at $47.91, which is actually pretty good considering the state of the broader market today.

There was at least one bright spot: Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready Yield” Soybeans, unlike SmartStax, are actually performing as expected, reports OTR Global of San Francisco, according to a piece by Bloomberg’s Jack Kaskey this afternoon. OTR found that farm managers in Illinois and Indiana were seeing crop yield improvements of 7% to 11%. OTR said that was an improvement from a year ago, when Roundup Ready soybeans underwhelmed.

One response to “Are the Dinosaurs moving towards extinction?

  1. Bruce Van Tassell

    My friends and I and those of Food For the Future refer to Monsanto as the evil one although there are many vying for that title Monsanto wins. To hear of their stock falling is bright and cheerful news to start this day may it continue to fall and what we all hope for is total collapse and to break the ties with the Harper Government and kick Aqua Bounty and the whole lot of monster creators out of Canada.

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