GMO Activist Training Online

GMO Speaker Training Webinar with Jeffrey Smith

5 sessions from July 13 – September 8

In case you missed the recent email (and some apparently did not receive it), we’re offering for the first time GMO Speaker Training with Jeffrey Smith. This webinar will be held over in five 90-minute sessions every other week from July 13 – September 8.

NOTE: If you cannot attend the first meeting (or any other scheduled webinar), you will have the opportunity to view the recorded session online.

Participants will be trained by IRT’s director, renowned author and filmmaker Jeffrey M. Smith, on how to speak about GMOs—with special emphasis on the health risks. You’ll also learn how to organize effective activism to help achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection, forcing genetically modified organisms out of our food supply. Learn:

Why genetically engineered foods are bad for health, the environment, and the global economy.

How to present the supporting evidence for these arguments.

How to motivate people to change their behavior and exercise their power as consumers.

How to give a full-length, medium and short lectures on the health dangers of genetically modified foods.

Tips to help you publicize your lectures and build a coalition.

The five core sessions will cover the following topics:

Overview of the 5 main components of a GMO presentation and how to structure a brief talk.

Health risks of GMOs; and how to use third party experts to support your position.

Simple ways to undermine the credibility of GMO proponents, and their spin.

The large scope of the GMO problem (including agricultural and socio-economic threats and devastation); and action steps to recommend to the audience.

How to organize a motivated group after a lecture or film (create and mobilize an “activist circle”).

In addition, participants will:

Understand the main points and the key studies, quotes, statistics, and concepts to convey each.

Get detailed answers about key topics, so you will have confidence in the material.

Practice presentations in pairs or groups outside of the webinar sessions, via Skype, phone calls, or in-person.

Receive a fully scripted PowerPoint, with sample audio and video lectures to study.

Be able to customize the PowerPoint slides into varying lengths and topics.

Turn a first time group of interested folks into an organized group with action steps, meeting times, and an electronic community—within 30 minutes.

Receive a facilitators’ guide, with the specific “check-in rounds” and methods that transform the group into a focused and organized team.

Share tips, tools, and experiences.

Each participant will receive an electronic binder of material, with background articles, a sample script with printed slides, and a reading list, plus a downloadable electronic PowerPoint presentation.

At the conclusion of the series, participants will have the opportunity to:

– Join an online community of GMO speakers and activists
– Join future teleconferences and webinars
– Team up with others in your area
– Apply to join the GMO Speakers Bureau for referrals to organizations looking for speaker
– Participants do not need a webcam to attend the webinars, but it will be helpful in order to practice between sessions with other participants.

Dates: July 13 & July 27 – August 10 & 24 – September 8
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern (10:30 a.m. – noon Pacific)
Cost: $80 for the 5 sessions, includes access to recorded lessons and materials for home study and assignments. We also offer the option to take the first session at $30, for people who want to try out if this is for them.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers. Jeffrey has presented in 32 countries, counseled world leaders on every continent, and written the world’s bestselling book on the topic.

Click here for more details and Sign-up

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