Health Canada’s response to my email: GE alfalfa & wheat

By April Reeves, June 2, 2010

Another pathetic response from Health Canada. I have had many emails suggesting a class action suit against them, and I think it’s time to change them out, however we plan to do it.

My email:

Rest of my response: lend itself to honest research? How can they possibly police themselves appropriately?

Somewhere, somehow, someone has to get the message to government, loud and clear. These are laws that make absolutely NO sense. No reasonable sense what so ever.

Canadians are pissed. We have to stand for something. We are tired, and sick of not being heard over the voices of corporations whose agenda’s are primarily corrupt. If we want GMO labeling we may be forced to do it ourselves.

Don’t buy into Codex and the food labeling pressures for GMO. I hope that you, as a woman and true Canadian, can see through this. Stand tall and fight for the health of Canadians. The legacy we leave behind will fall on the shoulders of future generations. Make it a good one.

If you need information on why SO many Canadians are against GMO foods, please go to our website at:

Thank you Leona,

April Reeves
Director, GE Free BC

Health Canada’s response:

It is clear Health Canada is not ready to commit to a bigger picture yet.

How do you think I should respond to this? I was thinking of moving it into Twitter and every other social site. I’m interested in seeing if anyone has any ideas on how to move forward with this.

Want to help today? Send Leona Aglukkaq an email (<>) regarding their response to April Reeve’s letter dated May 1, 2010 regarding GE alfalfa and wheat. Let her know you are completely aware of Health Canada’s inability to fully test GE seeds, crops and foods, and that they have zero ability to use the “Precautionary Principle” when dealing with Monsanto.

Thanks again. I appreciate the work you all do.

2 responses to “Health Canada’s response to my email: GE alfalfa & wheat

  1. The position of Health Canada regarding GMO labelling is unfortunate. But I am not surprised. Our Government is not interested in making changes that benefit the People. (Check out Marci McDonald’s new book “The Armageddon Factor” for more insight into how this government operates.)

    For my part, I pledge to write both to my MP and to the head of Health Canada regarding this topic, but I will have to do some more in-depth research to get myself better acquainted with the issue. I am not, and never have been, a fan of Monsanto and other such companies.

    Thank you for the interesting and enlightening article, though.

    Brad Camroux, B.Sc. Geophysics
    Environmental Technology Student at SAIT Polytechnic

    • Thank you for the post Brad. I know SAIT very well; I’m back in BC now: how is it doing anyway? “The Armageddon Factor” is a great read of which I’m about to partake! It was suggested to me. Thanks for writing to Health Canada and crew: until people like you pick up a pen or mouse, our country will continue to be raped by government. We live in interesting times, where it appears as if we are about to have karma (or whatever you want to call it) shoved right into our faces now, asking us to think deep and decide exactly what kind of world we truly do want to leave behind. If you need further information please don’t hesitate to ask me.
      April Reeves, Board of Directors, GE Free BC

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