Stop “Enviropig”: Take action to stop GM Animals in Canada

Stop “EnviroPig”! Take Action today to stop genetically modified

Write to the Minister of Health instantly from

Health Canada could soon approve the first genetically modified (GM)
animal for human consumption. The University of Guelph has applied for
food safety approval of its GM pig – they call it “Enviropig”.

The GM pig contains genetic material from a mouse and E-coli bacteria,
and is engineered to excrete less phosphorus in its feces. Its owners
claim that “Enviropig” can reduce water pollution caused by excess
pig manure that comes from industrial factory farms. A GM pig is not
needed to solve this problem. Pigs can be raised without causing
phosphorus pollution – by making changes to production practices or
using an enzyme feed supplement that helps pigs digest grains.

“Enviropig” is not needed by farmers and is not wanted by consumers.
“Enviropig” is unacceptable and will harm the markets for Canada’s
hog producers at a time of severe economic crisis in the industry.

Health Canada is wasting precious public resources trying to assess the safety of a GM animal that no one wants. Health Canada does not have the capacity to regulate this complex technology for human safety.

Write to the Minister of Health today from
and tell her that GM animals are not acceptable in our food system.
Tell her that you don’t want to eat “Enviropig”

For more information on “Enviropig” and how you can join the campaign

Donate today to support the campaign to stop “Enviropig”

This action alert was issued May 18 2010, by the Canadian
Biotechnology Action Network in partnership with Beyond
Factory Farming

Join us in building the campaign:

Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)

Collaborative Campaigning for Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
431 Gilmour Street, Second Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0R5
Phone: 613 241 2267 ext.6
Fax: 613 241 2506

Take action to Stop “Envriopig”: No GM Animals
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2 responses to “Stop “Enviropig”: Take action to stop GM Animals in Canada

  1. This is of particular concern to me. There are many issues here that make GM animals particularly insane:
    1. It’s a living, breathing creature, and should this experiment ever go sideways, mankind has opened the door to intense suffering of physical life on this planet: how far do we have to go before we become the “mad scientists” in horror movies?
    2. It’s one of the 2 meats I ‘can’ eat.
    3. Where do we say “stop”? How far do we, as an intelligent species, go? Until we become dissatisfied with the human race as well? Do we want to look back one day (that would be YOUR children) and say “Why didn’t someone have the sense to stop this way back when they released a pig?”
    4. More control over our food chain – Canada is fairly ‘clean’ and let’s keep it that way!

    You can make a very big impact on this one people! Email Maple Leaf Foods and ask them what they plan to do with Enviropig. Tell them that if they do nothing, we will launch a massive campaign to inform consumers that Maple Leaf is not on our side: meaning they don’t care about contaminating our food supply. Maple Leaf is one of Canada’s largest hog producer, and one of the largest phosphorus producer as well.

    Email Maple Leaf:

    If this phosphorus issue is so bad, why not put the time and effort into creating a way to extract the phosphorus? Our next battle in the massive farming is the loss of phosphorus. Why not see into the future and do something valuable?

    Instead, Guelph University decides to make it’s fortune by selling a GM pig. Where are those intelligent humans?

  2. Maple Leaf Foods Hotline: 1 – 800 – 268 – 3708
    Call them….

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