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Swiss moratorium on all GE cultivation extended

Zurich, 8 March, 2010Today the Swiss Parliament extended by three years the countries moratorium on the cultivation of genetically engineered  (GE ) plants. Enacted in 2005, Switzerland will stay free of GE-seeds until 2013.
The recent approval of GE potato has been met with a wave of strong
reactions among the EU member-states. The governments of Greece,
Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary and France have publicly announced
that they will not allow the cultivation of the GE potato in their
countries. Currently, six EU member-states (Austria, France, Germany,
Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg) have bans on GE maize cultivation.

“While EU Commission President Barroso dabbles in a dangerous genetic
experiment, the Swiss’s moratorium on GE crops continues to protect
its environment, agriculture and consumers,” said Myrto Pispini,
Greenpeace International Agriculture Campaigner. “The EU should follow
this example and implement a moratorium on all GE food.”

GE-crops are part of an outdated intensive agriculture model that continues the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, failing to generate high yields, or provide solutions for the food crises and climate change. GE crops also pose unpredictable risks to human and animal health.

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Farmers want protection from Seed Giants

An Australian farmers’ group is demanding legislation changes to protect farmers from future anti-competitive behavior by GM seed giant companies.

The Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF) says it has “constantly warned” farm lobby groups and governments about the intention to remove the non-GM choice for farmers and consumers.

NCF National Spokesperson, Julie Newman explained: “Globally, non-GM seed and germplasm is being taken over by companies with a stated intention to own a patent over 100 per cent of all seeds grown. This is done by simply adding a single patented gene to a non-GM variety through genetic modification in order to turn all farmers into being contract growers for a single supply chain nominated by the patent owner.”

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Very informative video on GM issues

This video is 1:25 long, but it has various opinions and sides to the GM debate: it’s interesting how the Pro-GM debate is starting to sound very weak, and amazes me that they still believe it’s the only way for us to eat and will feed the world. Give it up guys, we KNOW that’s just not happening.