A seed compromise worth thinking about

I just came across this company, eMerge, who produces patented hybrid non-GMO seeds for corn and soybeans.

They state that these seeds will produce high yields and are healthier than GM. That’s good: that’s believable.

They ask that you buy their seeds each year instead of keeping them. While I still like the idea of keeping and saving seeds each year, could this be a reasonable compromise?

Why can’t Monsanto do this? Is it so hard to just drop the DNA altered foods and come to some agreement to at least provide farmers and consumers with a better alternative?

Keep moving ahead eMerge. You will likely be one of the last companies standing, along with the rest of us who save seeds each year. We have varieties Monsanto will never find or patent.

People are waking  up.

One response to “A seed compromise worth thinking about

  1. All hybrids degenerate with subsequent plantings so you have to buy them each year anyway. Seed breeders deliberately do this. They could carry on the breeding process till they have fixed the desired traits in a purebreed which can be replanted without any degeneration. Look at any packet of commercial seed in a shop and you will see that it is a hybrid and that that it is patented.
    Purebreeds are commonly known as “open pollinated varieties” (OPV’s) which can be saved. These are favoured by small farmers in remote areas where transport is difficult and there is little infrastructure.
    Organic farmers usually prefer “heritage” OPV’s which were available before seed companies started hybridising on a large scale.
    If you look at cattlebreeds you will find that although hybrids are used, new purebreeds are evolving all the time. Livestock farmers have not yet been hoodwinked by Giant companies into having to buy
    new offspring every year.

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