Stop GE Alfalfa! Take Action before February 16!

Protect Organic Food! Support Organic Farmers!

The U.S. will approve Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa
unless we stop them. Organic food and farming in the U.S. and Canada
is under immediate threat.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released its draft
Environmental Impact Statement on GE alfalfa and is accepting comments
until end of day Feb 16, 2010.

They say:
–   Contamination of organic food from GE alfalfa will happen but
it doesn’t really matter.

–   Consumers don’t care if organic food is contaminated with GE

–   GE alfalfa will result in fewer small farmers and fewer
organic farmers but that’s okay.

Tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) you DO care about
organic food and organic farmers!

Organic farming bans the use of genetically engineered organisms. Stop
Monsanto from destroying organic farming in the U.S. and Canada!

1. A sample letter – for Canadian organic consumers to send – is
below. You can submit your letter at (copy and paste the whole URL)

2. We also invite all organizations, producer associations, companies
and community groups to endorse the No to GE Alfalfa campaign by
signing on the statement opposing GE alfalfa in Canada. Go here to
sign on

For more information, action and background:

Sample Letter:

Most of the organic food we eat in Canada is imported from the U.S.. I
am deeply concerned that the U.S. may allow plantings of genetically
engineered (GE) alfalfa which I know will result in the contamination
of organic alfalfa in the U.S. and Canada. I do not want to eat GE
foods which is one reason why I choose to buy certified organic food.

The national organic standards in both the U.S. and Canada prohibit
the use of genetically engineered organisms. This is a central tenet
of organics. For example, animals used for certified organic meat,
milk, eggs, and other animal products need 100 percent organic feed.
Alfalfa is used widely for livestock feed, including for dairy cows.

The USDA claims that consumers will not reject GE contamination in
organic alfalfa if the contamination is unintentional or if the
transgenic material is not transmitted to the end milk or meat
product. This is simply not the case. I am a Canadian consumer of U.S.
organic foods and food ingredients and I care deeply about the
integrity of certified organic foods, and GE is fundamentally not

The GE contamination of organic alfalfa would severely impact the
entire organic system in the U.S. and Canada, especially because many
different types of organic farmers plant alfalfa to improve soil
fertility. This important technique makes it possible to farm
successfully without using chemical fertilizers. Contamination by GE
alfalfa would eliminate this valuable tool, causing severe economic
and agronomic costs to organic farmers.

I care about the livelihoods of small-scale organic farmers, and the
future of organic farming in North America.

Farmers’ have a fundamental right to sow the seeds of their choice but
this choice can be eliminated by GE contamination. This happened in
Canada when prairie organic grain farmers had to stop growing canola
because there was no way to prevent contamination by cross-pollination
with GE canola during the growing season, even if farmers could find
uncontaminated seed for planting.

Organic farming is a good environmental choice. It provides healthy
food grown without pesticides or GE organisms, and it builds better
soil. The future of organic farming is threatened by GE alfalfa.

As a consumer, I care about the contamination of organic foods from GE

The USDA should reject the deregulation of GE alfalfa to protect
organic farming and food in the U.S. and Canada, and protect the U.S.
organic food trade to Canada.

You can submit your letter (Docket No. APHIS-2007-0044) at:

For more information, action and background:
Contact Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator, Canadian Biotechnology
Action Network (CBAN) Phone: 613 241 2267 ext.6

This action alert was produced by the Canadian Biotechnology Action
Network (CBAN) and the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD)

Donate today to support the campaign

Thank you for your action and support!

Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)

Collaborative Campaigning for Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
431 Gilmour Street, Second Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0R5
Phone: 613 241 2267 ext.6
Fax: 613 241 2506

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