Greenpeace puts out list of Non-GMO food companies

If you are looking for a list of Non-GMO/GE food companies, and a list of those companies that do use GM, Greenpeace has compiled a list you can print out and take to the grocery store. Thanks Greenpeace.

I have some additions to the good companies that don’t use GM. You can find them under the “Foods” page on this blog. I will be adding to them as I find them. I source them out by calling and speaking with their researchers and owners. I only post companies that are 100% Non-GE.

Greenpeace: Shopper’s Guide to Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods

You have a right to know.


6 responses to “Greenpeace puts out list of Non-GMO food companies

  1. You are right to be wary, but shouldn’t we also be open to the possibility of benefits if done correctly? I’m trying to learn more about the subject, because I think there are pros and cons to genetically modified crops. We should proceed with caution, but at the same time we should not block what potentially can be a means of increasing food production. Penn & Teller, the libertarian pundits, offer some food (pardon the pun) for thought (Norman Borlaug is a Nobel Prize winning scientist):

    • I use to think that way. I couldn’t see why GMO could hurt anyone. Then I began MY research. I wanted to know more, much more, so that I could make an informed decision. The next year of my life shocked the hell out of me.

      1. No GM company is feeding the world. None. Not now, not ever. Was never their goal, never will be. They are in Africa to grow GM to bring back to the US for their citizens. Go to some of the Haitian videos: all the rice there is from the US. Guess where that came from?

      2. Our governments let the Corporations test their own products. Enough said.

      3. The testing done in the government levels is very short and sweet, to say it best. There are no long term studies done. None. Maybe you could be one, because I sure don’t want the position. In Canada, once a pesticide has been okay’d in other departments, it goes out with a clean bill of health anywhere else. Because pesticide manufacturers are in the back pockets (Monsanto and friends paid into many political campaigns through lobbyists) the research itself is marginal.

      4. GE foods have altered DNA structure. This DNA crosses and joins with ours. It does not ‘run through’ the body and out the other end. It is with us forever. Up until now, we have moved through thousands of years of change, slowly, the way humans are capable of. Now, nature is on ‘fast forward’. What this means for us all, is that, if GM does prove to be dangerous in the future (Agent Orange, aspartame, DDT, mad cow disease with a 30 year incubation) you can’t go back.

      5. Many of Monsanto’s past researchers and employees are now working in government roles. Guess what they’re doing?

      6. It’s about profit. They don’t care about you. Try contacting them. Trish Jordan: She’s the Canadian contact in Winnipeg. Ask her for long term tests. This is what started me.

      7. Greenpeace knows a LOT about the issues. Trouble is, this group can cut and edit anything they want to, especially the material that could incriminate them.

      8. There are many new tests out that confirm GMO’s are linked to disease and cancers (BC Cancer society).

      9. There are many different non-food materials that get ‘shot’ into GM’s. Fish genes IS one, along with human, other animal, virus, bacteria and highly toxic substances. They take a ‘gun’ along with gold particles laced with the genes and shoot it into a plant cell, hoping it will work (one in a few million tries). Once they get a plant that doesn’t look too mutant or die, they then work at shooting that plant’s cell with a few more unique organisms, just to make sure they have something that is different. That’s a very simple description but it’s a good one to get someone thinking.

      10. The people shown on this video may look like a bunch of idiots protesting, but in my lectures and speeches I do everywhere, I have PhD’s and highly educated people show up. Big name researchers are against this. Trouble is, third party research is shot down. Might hurt stock value. Remember, Monsanto is a publicly traded company whose livelihood rests on share price.

      11. It’s not about turning the clock back. The system was not broken. It didn’t need fixing. It yielded enough to feed everyone and still does. We farm at $3 a square foot. That’s over $100,000 an acre. Try farming that with factory techniques and GMO.

      12. Other BIG problem: pesticides (insecticides for bugs, herbicides for plants) are destroying the ground and creating super weeds. This year, in the heartland, farmers are having trouble getting rid of these plants. They are now growing 7-8 feet tall and impossible to kill. You need a tractor to rip them out. That’s a nice new carbon problem. Pesticides have been banned all over Canada for a reason.

      13. Think of it this way: they put Bt bacteria (highly toxic) into a plant, along with a few more unnatural materials to keep the bacteria ‘stable’ so that when a little bug eats it they die. This bug ate such a small fraction of the plant your eye can’t see it. YOU eat the whole plant (like corn, with 8 individual traits, untested) and down it goes into your system. While one cob of corn may not affect you much, you eat tons of this bacteria daily. It’s everywhere: in your processed foods, and any vegetable not labeled organic. The accumulative effect is what is doing the damage.

      14. I am doing research along with the Cancer group on the increase of cancers, allergies and other rising diseases with the inception of GMO’s. The timing of both is relevant and alarming.

      I could go on forever, but this may get you doing some of your own research, as we all must come to our own conclusions in our own time. Some people may never become a Non-GMO person; and that’s okay. What we are asking for is choice. Currently, we are being railroaded by big corporations and government (back pockets) into being forced to change.

      It’s not always about the food. It’s about the ability to choose for ourselves. It’s about our very freedoms. The decisions we make today set up a legacy for the generations in the future. Our heirlooms live in fresh water, air and food. We all live downstream. But the challenges are not with Monsanto: They are in our hearts.

  2. Is there a link to Morgellons Fibers?

  3. Thank you for this list, it’s very helpful and I will share it with all my family and friends.

  4. If smoking laws have been changed to not even have the products seen by the public because of health risks to non-smokers (an amazing victory), why have the laws not been changed in regards to GMO/GE products? We are fighting the same fight…How to live without influences that affect us adversely that we have no control over! How long is it going to take, the same amount of time it took for smoking regulations to change…somewhere around 56 million people as of 2012, years and years of costly research, health care costs. How many people need to die from cancers and other ailments caused by these GMO/GE products? GMO/GE’s are the new tobacco, just another way to make money and say “oops we didn’t think they were harmful, we will legislate and regulate from now on.” Laughable and obvious. The entire GMO/GE project is a money grab for the powers who be. As for feeding the world easier…not going to happen! I am sure most of you have played the game Monopoly, He who controls the board controls the game! that is exactly what this is to the large faceless companies that have large stakes in this, a mere game to be played at our expense without regard to health and safety! A wise man once said…”you can be sincere and you can be sincerely wrong.” These companies are neither. They know exactly what they are doing. Government payoffs, kickbacks, hidden research and falsified reports are not ethical practices! How do we make people understand that they will be the downfall of humankind? Who do we need to talk to? How many studies need to be done? Why is it that European countries can take a stand on GMO/GE products, but the supposed advanced North America especially cannot? I believe the reason is obvious…greed and power. Something needs to change, and change soon or the world we know will no longer exist.

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