names Monsanto ‘Company of the Year’

Monsanto has just been named “2009 Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine. It’s an interesting read of a rather slanted version of the great things Monsanto does for the world, while leaving out the realities Monsanto has to deal with on a daily basis. Forbes obviously ignores the ruthless tactics of Monsanto, is afraid of losing ad revenue, or simply chooses to dish out frivolous content.

A comment from the article sums it up nicely:

This article is nothing more than a blatant PR attempt to divert from the fact that two circuit appeals court rulings stopped the planting of GM alfalfa and GM sugar beets.

It failed to address farmer suicides due to poverty brought on by the high prices of BT cotton and the contracts and patents on these seeds that bind poor farmers to them, causing many to commit suicide by drinking Round Up.

It fails to address the exacerbation of climate change and pollution through the deforestation of the Amazon and other Latin American countries to grow GM soy which is pushing small farmers off their land in lieu of creating mega monocultures that are not providing stable economies for poor farmers.

It fails to mention the tests being done independently showing that Round Up causes brain cell damage in fetuses, and the other tests showing liver and kidney damage in rats and mice through GM seeds.

It fails to cover the plight of scientists who have been intimidated and gagged by Monsanto regarding independent test results and being unable to perform tests on some seeds due to intellectual property rights.

It fails to cover biopiracy that seeks to steal the natural traits cultivated by indigenous peoples for centuries in regards to drought tolerance. We don’t need GMOs to do this, it can already be done naturally.

It also fails to mention that we have more than enough food in our world, matter of fact, too much food. How Monsanto can continue to push the bogus “feed the world” line only shows there is only a profit motive to them selling these untested seeds which have not shown to increase yield.

If these seeds are so ‘safe’ then why are they not labelled as GMO on our food?

I have been reading this magazine for years, but after this blatant biased article on a company that has done nothing but pollute and toxify this planet for over a hundred years and whose Agent Orange legacy still lives in successsive generations of birth defects in Vietnamese children, I am done.

See this article for yourself at:


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