Iraq Order 81: Insane unbreakable legislation killing people?

By April Reeves, December 17 2009

The more research I do the more astounded I am that anyone has any sympathy for Monsanto (and the ‘others’). I’ve just unearthed a truth that shocked me.

I guess when Bush went into Iraq, they were interested in more than just oil. They went after food as well. Not sure why the media didn’t pick this up…

Order 81 cannot be overturned in any way for an indefinite amount of time. It is now illegal for Iraq farmers to plant seeds not ‘certified’ by some national authority. Original, traditional seeds cannot be cultivated anymore. This could be the real reason for so many suicides.

So it seems that the US is using Iraq as one big experiment. Clearly this is a case of ‘humans’ gone very wrong.

It seems to me, instead of savings bonds, we should start saving traditional seeds. They may be worth a fortune in the very near future. I know I have quite the little stash of heirloom seeds that I give away.

This is one of the best short videos I have seen: Monsanto’s reach even wider than we thought.

Additional resources:

Corporate Watch: IRAQ: CPA Order 81 Is Even Worse Than Originally Reported

Bremer’s Order 81

This is hilarious: Monsanto the ‘great crusader’ for switching opium fields for GM crops!


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