Could Monsanto implode?

A look at how GE Corporate Policy can backfire from protectionism, and the chaos it creates in communities.

by April Reeves

I’m not one to believe everything on the web so I usually pick up a phone and do my own research. However (news stories being true at this moment) it seems as though Monsanto may be in a GM pickle.

When you create any patent, you are now in constant vigil to protect the patent from theft, plagiarism, and misuse. Put that patent on one of the most vital industries known to mankind – food – and it’s a recipe for disaster. Damage control is a ‘corporate division’ in itself for the big biotechs, and that’s got to help drive up the cost of seeds.

So now you are forced to protect your product (seeds) and sue all those perpetrators who allegedly steal from you. This action eventually sets up a path of resistance from those who you rely on to buy the patented products in the first place.

It’s much like marrying King Henry VIII. After a few beheadings, what woman in their right mind would jump into matrimony with the guy?

Why would farmers set themselves up for potential lawsuits and a lifetime of trouble from the debt incurred (remember Percy Schmeiser)? Why would they allow their patented seeds drift over to their friend’s fields, setting them up for disaster?

Eventually, and it has already started, this form of “friend or foe” breaks down and polarizes communities and tears families apart. GM crops have the potential to alter the way of life that farmers have nurtured over the centuries.

While we often see the news stories and read our papers and internet, we are oblivious to the human tolls that go unnoticed and unreported. These are often the real tragedies – the silent destruction of community and family.

However, in every tragic event lies a determination to change what is not working. The human spirit is stronger than any rock, tree or corporate policy. Human spirit will decide what it wants, and it is often a dramatic event that pulls this together to create a cleaner, greener, GE free world.

April Reeves is a freelance writer and can be reached at:


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