Genetically Engineered Flu?

Driftwood Newspaper
August, 2009

Genetically Engineered Flu

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Dan Jason

I’ve have been following the Swine flu story since April and I am writing this because I am horrified by what I have been observing.

Many longtime customers of Salt Spring Seeds might know that I have been opposed to genetically modified foods and seeds since their introduction in the early 90s. The truth about GMO foods is now clear even though corporations like Monsanto continue to genetically alter our food: the only ones to benefit are the ones who make the altered food and the chemicals needed to grow it.

To me there is an obvious connection between genetically modified crops and swine flu. I have no doubt that this virus was in fact genetically engineered. The “authorities” say that the virus came from a mutation that somehow combined human, bird and pig genes.  I don’t believe that can just happen by itself any more than flounder genes can end up in tomatoes or Round-Up Ready genes can end up in soybeans or bacillus thuringiensis genes can end up in corn. No, this flu was created in the lab.

The really scary thing though is not the flu itself but the flu vaccines the pharmaceutical companies are rushing into production. I find there is so much weird tomfoolery and media hype around this swine flu vaccine!

Why have Canadian health officials ordered over 50 million doses of the vaccine before it can be determined if it is safe or even if it works?

Why has the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this flu to be a pandemic when clearly it has been no more lethal than previous ones? There have been only 4 flu deaths so far in BC and all of the people concerned already had serious medical conditions.

Why are the authorities so certain that another “mutation” is around the corner that they are intending to start vaccinating in September?

A little Internet googling can shed quite a lot of light on these issues. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is someone who recently did a lot of research on flu vaccines. In an article published in late July, he talks about how the drug companies have suppressed the numerous studies that have linked vaccines to a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. It’s apparent that drug companies knew from the start, for example, that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines could cause damage and death in both animals and humans. Vaccinations actually cause high numbers of severe reactions, permanent disabilities and deaths virtually none of which gets reported.

Despite Kennedy’s high profile, his research has been dismissed as “unscientific” and the media have ignored his warnings. When I took science in university, it stressed control groups and independent testing and verification. It looks like we are all about to be subjected to an unexamined and untested vaccine. It looks like we are being controlled not by scientists but by crafty and powerful peddlers of poisons.

The WHO is basically a consortium of pharmaceutical corporations that declared the virus to be a pandemic because, by their own rules, they then have authority over national governments. In the event of a pandemic, vaccine manufacturers are immune from any liability!

Our governments and media are hammering fear into us at every turn, making it appear that we will die by the millions if we don’t get vaccinated. This reminds me of Monsanto’s assertion that we will soon die of starvation if we don’t grow GMO food.

From what I’ve read, there is the real possibility that mass vaccinations will cause the pandemic and not solve it. After all, the main ingredient in the swine flu vaccine is a weakened but alive form of the H1N1 virus, which will then end up everywhere.

It is looking like we might not have the choice to get vaccinated or not.  Apparently the agents of control in the US such as Homeland Security, the FBI, the US Military, FEMA are already co-ordinating plans to assist civilian authorities to enforce mandatory vaccinations.

When the news came out that expectant mothers would be slated to get vaccinations first, I knew I had to write this article. Haven’t we seen enough deformities already from the times of Thalidomide and Agent Orange?

It’s all coming very soon to a clinic near you. Please inform yourself about this so-called flu pandemic. It’s likely to be a story similar to the genetic engineering of foods where the promise of better nutrition and higher yields turned out to be an extremely false one. Instead, we’ve seen the rise of obesity and diabetes because of devitalized fast foods. Instead we’ve seen farmers become so indebted to and disempowered by transnational corporations that hundreds of thousands have committed suicide.

Pharmaceutical corporations such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline are promising to save us from the deadly H1N1 flu. It seems more likely to me that they will give us the flu rather than prevent us from getting it. Even if we survive their vaccine, we may have compromised immune systems for the rest of our lives. That would mean a never-ending reliance on drugs from those same corporations. It would not surprise me if that were exactly what they have in mind.


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