Help us make British Columbia GE Free

Join us! There are many ways you can help out:


GE Free BC is a 100 per cent volunteer run NPO. And we need your help. If you have time, want to work with an energetic group of great humans, and are interested in helping to create a better and healthier world (especially here in BC)  then…     WE NEED YOU!

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7 responses to “Help us make British Columbia GE Free

  1. Is corporate ownership of salmon Legal? Not according to Madam Justice Newbury in her clearly written reasons for judgment in Marine Harvest’s petition to the COURT OF APPEAL FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA – Morton v. Marine Harvest Inc., 3009 BCCA 481

    Justice Newbury did not accept the notion that farmed fish could be privately owned! That said, does any corporation have the right to alter the genetic makeup of something that is not their property?

    So if the FDA approves GE salmon and the fish farms bring it to BC, farmed fish that don’t belong to anyone (according to Justice Newbury) will suddenly belong to a corporation – Corporate interests will claim ownership of those fish – it will go back to the Court while planet Earth copes with a man made fish that will never go away. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Does anyone see a legal conflict here?

  2. To GE free B.C.
    From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

    Could you please call me at 416-489-8347.
    re; a variation on GE Free.

    Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

  3. The planet belongs to all of us…Not Mansanto, not BP,… All of its oceans we all have ownership and responsibility for! It’s not a place to try out nuclear weapons and boms or alter the flora and fauna. : (

  4. There is no doubt the GMOs are dangerous to not only us, but the generations to come. We really have to come together to fight these giant monster corporations and the politicians whose greed far outweighs any serious conderation of the long term effects. I would like to have a bumper sticker for my car that is bright and noticeable with this webside on it because you never know how many otherwise unaware people just might notice it and start to question.

  5. The Green Party leader just emailed me and they are against GMO’s. It states it here in their “Green Book 2013” platform: *note. My computer listed the Food Safety platform on page 38, so you must look at the page numbers at the bottom of the actual page not your PDF reader.

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